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Launch Night

Or should that be fright night?
Our greeters got a little more into the roles than we expected, and were seen clambering on rocks, chasing each other, howling at the moon and leaping out of bushes. Great job, you lot. 🙂

We held the launch at Shoal-Bites cafe on the Shoalhaven Campus of the University of Wollongong, under a full moon. Helen and Jamie from Shoal-Bites did a wonderful job and got creative with the menu … we had little (pastry) bones with dip, chicken fingers and spider-cupcakes (complete with custard innards). All washed down, of course, with a blood red punch containing eyeballs lychees and blood clots cherries.

We asked Dr Celeste Rossetto from Learning Development at the University of Wollongong to launch the book. Celeste is a colleague of Kimberley’s, and also works at the Moss Vale campus, where Roslyn used to work. Celeste’s feedback is the first we’ve really received at this early stage, and she was really excited by the book and bailed Kimberley up to chat about it several times during the week. Her speech was brilliant and she assured us that our book had made her think more critically about texts which she’d previously read for pure escapism. So that was good–the book is living up to its subtitle! 🙂

Music for the night came via The Vampire Diaries soundtrack after Kimberley and her kids spent ages sorting out an iPod playlist of spooky songs (including Mark Salling’s song Doppelganger, bringing together ideas from TVD and Glee–a pop culture quinella!) but then failed to check that the battery was fired up. Oh well.

We had a ball and would like to once again thank all our friends, family and colleagues who came out to support us. A special thanks must go to Margaret Steinberger, who not only proofread the book for us, but travelled down from Newcastle to share the evening with us.

Book launch: Come and help us celebrate!

Werewolves and Other Shapeshifters in Popular Culture: A Thematic Analysis of Recent Depictions Book Launch

We are launching our book at the University of Wollongong Shoalhaven campus on Friday, August 3.

Our book draws on popular novels, films and television including Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter to examine how shapeshifting characters are used as a metaphor for difference in terms of gender, sexuality, adolescence, disability, race, class and spirituality. 

The aptly named Shoal-Bites cafe will be the venue, and the book will be launched by Dr Celeste Rossetto of the University of Wollongong. 

Copies of the book will be available on the night. It is also on sale through the University of Wollongong bookshop and from a number of online retailers.

Come and help us celebrate! RSVP using the form below if you’re coming. See you there!