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Werewolves in the Media

After posting about our radio adventures on Sunday Night Safran, it occurred to me that we haven’t popped up links to other promotional stuff that we’ve done. Granted, not all of the photos are flattering, but hey, it’s nice that folks are interested.

So without further ado, here is pre-event launch coverage from The South Coast Register and a more recent piece in The Liverpool Leader. We also had some rather nice coverage in The Macarthur Advertiser.  

We’ve done radio spots on 4BC and 602 in Queensland, as well. I am beginning to wonder what’s living in the wilds up north, that they are so interested in hairy beasts. Which brings me to the following image, which popped up on my Facebook page yesterday:


I don’t reckon that’s a bored sheepdog. I reckon that’s an anthropomorphic wolf.

What do you think?

Werewolves on the Air – in which our intrepid authors are interviewed for Triple J’s Sunday Night Safran!

For those among us of a certain age, John Safran is kind of a big deal. I can remember him on Race Around the World, and also the infamous Ray Martin confrontation. And for those among us of the Catholic persuasion, Father Bob McGuire is a rock star. On a recent trip to Melbourne during The Block’s auction weekend, I got excited about seeing Father Bob’s church. So it was kind of surreal to be interviewed by them both in the ABC Sydney studios for their national radio program.

When their producer told us we were booked into a Tardis, we decided that that was a very good sign. It also generated some serious coolness points with my kids. (See? I told you I was almost the Doctor’s companion, and in the very next post, I’m in a Tardis. As was Ros(e)lyn).

You may have noticed that there are a lot of pictures in this post, and very little about the actual interview. The reasons for that are threefold:

1. I can’t remember that much about it. 7 hours’ of travel and the pressure on an on-air interview. ‘Nuff said.

2. Because of Reason 1, I’m terrified that what I said may have made no sense whatsoever

3. Despite Reason 2, we’d kind of like people to listen in to the broadcast. It airs tonight at 9pm (8pm if you’re in Queensland). It can be downloaded as a podcast from Monday morning and will be available for a week.

As always, you can join in the conversation about “hairy beasts” in the comments here, or find us on Twitter @KMcMahonColeman and @roslynweaver. John and Father Bob are on Twitter, too, and also discussing all things shift-y on their Facebook page.