Long time, no Blog

We went, we saw, and we conquered Melbourne. It’s taken us two weeks to recover (literally, in Ros’ case; she’s been crook ever since. Kimberley’s just using it as an excuse for our prolonged radio silence).


Conferences are fun. Popular culture conferences are even more fun, because you feel as though you’re getting away with something. It’s a chance to catch up with friends from conferences past, to debate ideas raised in papers (sometimes quite vehemently), and there’s always the search for a decent cocktail which, let’s face it, you just don’t bother to do at home. Sometimes you even find the perfect cocktail chair, just like Cookie Monster’s in Monsterpiece theatre on Sesame Street.



The audiences were bigger than this. Honest. (L-R) Dr Emma Price (Deakin), Dr Kimberley McMahon-Coleman (Wollongong) & Dr Roslyn Weaver (UWS). More Doctors than ComicCon.

At the PopCAANZ conference this year, they announced a new Gothic Studies stream will be added to the fold for PopCAANZ 2013 in Brisbane. Its chair will be Dr Lorna Piatti-Farnell, who’s also the President of GANZA. We’ve mentioned GANZA and its inaugural conference before. So if you’re interested in ghosts and ghoulies and very other monsters, especially our favourite shift-y ones, there are plenty of places to explore your ideas. And you might just bump into us, too. 😉


One response to “Long time, no Blog

  • roslynw

    Nice photography! And the audiences were much bigger than that, although I’ve been to some conferences where that is pretty much the number of people turning up, which is always a challenge as a presenter!

    The conference was also a great chance to meet some fellow scholars and chat about their work too. And of course to spy out beautiful chairs 🙂

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