Monthly Archives: April 2012

Still Alive … and grappling with Ideas about Eternity

This is a quick post/mea culpa to acknowledge that it’s been a month since the last blogging attempt. In our collective defence, we have been working on other academic-y things in that time — and only some of them pop culture-esque.

The big task at hand for both of us at the moment is proofreading and indexing the book. We are busy trying to iron out those last few mistakes (and there are only a few, but they’ve been kinda hilarious). The indexing is a lot more time consuming and arduous than I thought, but I suspect that is because I didn’t think about it much. So it is kind of torturous a labour of love which has me tearing my hair out confident that each entry brings us one step closer to the book being on shelves. 😉

The final chapter was all Ros’ idea, and is about spirituality, the soul, belief systems and how they apply in the supernatural genre. It’s been a common theme in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, in the US & UK versions of Being Human, in Twilight and in The Vampire Diaries. And I mention this now because it was a topic of conversation on the sidelines of my son’s soccer match this morning. True story. And I wasn’t even the one initiating the conversation! So it would seem that the supernatural/Gothic/romance/more-human-than-human-but-not-technically-human-at-all idea is here to stay for a while yet. So perhaps I should make a coffee and get back to indexing?

Once the book is sorted and heading to press in North Carolina, we can start scheming on our next projects. A trip for the PopCAANZ conference is coming up, which should be fun and stimulate the brain cells. Watch out, Melbourne, the Wolf Girls are on their way!

And then maybe we can plan a book launch, too. On that note, I googled “Werewolf Party,” and may have just found the next thing for us to review!